It is with great pleasure and excitement that I will celebrate my semicentennial Bday event in NYC on April 27th, 2023 (6-9 pm).

The venue I have chosen for us is the historical headquarters of The Explorers Club at 46 East 70th Street, between Madison and Park Avenue. A beautiful 15th Century Jacobean-Renaissance mansion where Explorers meet to discuss and plan scientific expeditions of Land, Sea, Air & Space.

I am very thankful to The Explorers Club’s gold medalist, Walter Munk, widely known as “The Einstein of the Ocean”, for helping me become a Fellow International member of this prestigious society back in 2017. That same year the Gala opening speech was by Robert De Niro and the year after by Jeff Bezos.

Other notable members are Theodore Roosevelt, Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, Thor Heyerdahl, Sylvia Earle, Roald Amundsen, Jane Goodall, Edmund Hillary, Peter Freuchen and James Cameron… just to mention a few!

So when you visit this iconic venue with me, you will walk amongst giants and feel their spirits.

Let’s make great memories together.

Come as you are – I don ́t believe that “clothes make the man/woman” – personality does…. so
bring your biggest and brightest smile. However, this is a “fancy” cocktail party with deliciously
handmade passed hors d’oeuvres and as much fine wine and liquor as one can drink. So put on that
special cocktail dress, your high heels, black tie suit – as you like.

Guests by invitation only
Please note that in order to participate in this (rather) exclusive event you must be on the guest
list. This is both for logistical reasons (pax/food/wine etc.) and for everyone’s safety. I am
announcing this event publicly to reach ALL my dear friends and family across the world (in case of changed emails or phone numbers). Thank you for understanding.

Several kind Souls have asked: ”What about presents?” Material things have never been a big
interest of mine (thus I became a Biologist 😉 ) and I have been blessed beyond measure. So please
accommodate my wishes regarding presents – other than hugs and kisses. In case you have an
insatiable craving to give something – then please donate to the sweet kids and the school I
support in beautiful Cambodia. That will make me happier than anything else. I guarantee that
100% of your money will go straight to the children – 100 USD will help a child through school for
an entire year (books, daily necessities, and food included). I will be forever thankful.


Donations to the Prey Thom Primary School are collected through the Lovechild Foundation. The official Lovechild Foundation website is a work in progress so for questions please reach out directly to its founder, Morten Lovechild

or make a direct donation via PayPal at

Do I get to have 2 birthdays? Oh, yes I do (or rather 7 – or maybe even 8!).

In case you can’t make it to the NYC party – I have booked the biggest yacht I could find in Dubai.

So on March 8th (my actual birthday) we will have an All-Day Pool Party – ending with a Sunset Cruise from 4-7pm – leaving from Dubai Marina.

Guests by invitation only.

Thailand, Bangkok

Venue: Million Space Rooftop Soirée
Date: February 24th, 2023

Bangkok has certainly been a place for “business & pleasure” for me over the last few years so it must also be included in the “World Party Tour 2023”.

This venue is one of he coolest (and well hidden) gems in all of BKK. So enjoy the creative interior design as you make your way up to the rooftop. Especially booked for us all night.

Dinner & Drinks is on me 😉

Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur)

Venue: Marini’s on 57, Petronas
Date: March 3rd, 2023

Welcome to my second home of Malaysia and the dreamy Shangri-La Hotel in tropical Kuala Lumpur.

I am fortunate to have acquired the MM2H (Malaysia My 2nd Home) – a sort of “Golden Visa” that allows me total freedom regarding entry and stay in Malaysia.

It is a perfect match to my philosophy of a free life and here we will celebrate with a great dinner & wine.

So put on your best perfume – but be aware of the wild tigers!


Mexico (La Paz)

Venue: Casa Guaycuras (my new little beach house)
Date: March 18th, 2023

Come and join the Mexican party in cozy La Paz – jump in my rooftop jacuzzi and enjoy a glass of cold bubbles whilst the sun sets over the wild Sea of Cortez.

Let us make this a great day of adventure and exploration. Take my SUP to the mangroves, swim with the sting rays in the bay, freedive with the whale sharks, manta rays and sea lions and grab a cold Corona on the beach.

Mexican food a la carte and drinks on me 😉


United States (Pensacola Beach, FL)

Venue: The Frisky Dolphin, Sunset Oyster Bar & Grill
Date: April 6th (5 pm – 7 pm)

Come visit the best beach bar in town – owned by my old friend and neighbor, Kevin.

Since I spent my best teen year in Florida, my 50th Bday celebration would not be complete without a party here also.

Hopefully all former students from Gulf Breeze High School will come say “HI”…

Drinks and oysters are on me 😉


Aarhus (The City of Smiles)

Venue: TBD (but get ready for a WILD “never seen before” summer party)
Date: Summer (TBD)

You can ride my beloved horses, walk the long sandy beaches, swim in the bay or eat Danish pastry till you burst.

The party being planned will be extraordinary – almost “extraterrestrial”…

Stay tuned as this might very well turn out to be the party of the year… yeah!


Multiple Locations

Pre Party

Venue: Barcelona 6pm (Taverna Can Margarit)
Date: March 10th, 2023

Main Event

Venue: Málaga/Marbella/Ibiza/Barcelona/Costa Brava (TBD)
Date: Fall 2023 (TBD)

Since Spain truly holds my heart (for many reasons), I would be a bit sad if we can not meet here and celebrate also.

Not only because many of my finest and most beloved friends live here, but also because it is a wonderful country with delicious food, a rich history and a beautiful nature.

I studied in Spain and have enjoyed having a home for nearly 20 years on the beautiful Costa del Sol (“The Sunshine Coast”)

Dictionary: Suggested words to memorize: Hola, Por Favor, Cerveza, Bailar, Fiesta, La Vida Loca, Muchas Gracias!


Backstory & Invitation

Dear World Family.

Since I am now on my 50th passage around the sun I have contemplated long and deep on the best way to celebrate.

Well, YOU are an important part of this journey called “life” – so I am happy to invite YOU to join one (or all) of my events.

We are all in this together and we won’t get out alive – so better enjoy the moments whilst we can!

The Seven Fiestas
When I was “young and strong” (1996/97), I took one year off from my biology studies at the university of Aarhus to “touch and travel” the world and dive “The Seven Seas”.

This year, I have decided to organize “The Seven Fiestas” – to let everyone who has touched my life become a part of this great celebration.

In other words – I am bringing the party to YOU 😉

Who knows, if people love these parties, I might arrange a bonus event by the end of the year – in my beloved Spain. This could be in my ocean-view home near Málaga, in wild Marbella or in charming Barcelona, where I studied at the University in 1998/99.

So stay tuned for a “Spain Encore” 😉

World traveler
As a true “Citizen of the World” – now living with “home bases” in Malaysia, Dubai, Spain, Mexico & Denmark – I find it fitting to host events all around the Globe. So please feel free to join any place that is suitable for you – I will be very happy and honored that you chose to share this special celebration with me.

Personal Invite
Please note these events are “per personal invite only” (even if I share this info publicly).

Presents – no thank you!

Please note that I feel extremely privileged and humbled to be able to host all these events around the world but please respect that I don’t want to receive any presents.

Instead, please consider a donation to all the sweet kids I support in lovely Cambodia):

Donations to the Prey Thom Primary School are collected through the Lovechild Foundation. The official Lovechild Foundation website is a work in progress so for questions please reach out directly to its founder, Morten Lovechild

or make a direct donation via PayPal at